SUNBUNKER  combines research and practice in offering a broad spectrum of design build capabilities, utilizing innovative techniques to cultivate strategies that are tactile, visceral, pragmatic and engaging. The name Sunbunker is a composite of words evoking negotiations between states such as our environment and our cohabitation within it. 

Strategy: We believe in the physical expression of strategies that formally and conceptually unify space and materiality. Physical strategies frame layers to which human activities can flow, with an emphasis on creativity we aspire to inspire.

Vision: Is to create, produce and deliver spatial solutions that transcend prevailing trends. economically rational in application and environmentally sustainable in implementation. We endeavor to approach Materiality conscientiously, to sustain resources, to promote natural and social capital. 

Facility: We maintain a fabrication workshop facility for design and prototyping of custom and scaled elements. We also maintain close relations with a number of specialty fabrication groups and skilled creators providing the finest products featuring innovative processes and techniques.


   S E R V I C E S

  • Conceptual Development

  • 3D Visualization

  • Architectural Design

  • Construction Documentation

  • Physical Computing + Creative Coding

  • Prototyping + Model Making

  • CNC Engraving + Laser Cutting

  • Woodworking

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Plastic + Acrylic Fabrication

  • On-Site Assembly + Installation

  • Logistics


About:  SUNBUNKER established as prototyping studio creating environmental Installations for Social innovation week, and continues to create immersive multi-disciplinary projects for brands, live events and institutions.  In 2016 The studio incorporated and became a cohort member of NEW INC, The New Museum’s cultural incubator dedicated to supporting creative startups producing innovations in art, design, and technology.  The studio embraces the momentum of emerging technologies while developing digital and fabricated prototypes from its studio base located in Brooklyn at founders lab NYC.

Our team is: Robert Morris (Founder & Principal)  Nickey Frankel (Executive Producer)  Maggie Siskind, Art Ivanov, Jay Miller, Chris Han, Scott Wojcio and Peter Kaspar (Design Build Team) 

Past and present Collaborators include:  Serina Parr, Jeremiah Atwell, Kat Collier, Doug Werner (Oblik Studio), Joyce Esquenazi and Abby Pressburg


We value our partnerships with Adobe / 99U, Preview Events, and many more.