SUNBUNKER Design + Build



BSc (Hons) Dip Arch 

University of Bedfordshire UK and University of East London. 

Registration: Licence UK RIBA/ARB II & USA, NYS 

University of east London. Formerly he was a senior designer with Rafael VinolyRockwell group and Santiago Calatrava Architects

Recently he served as curator for ‘energy day’ at Social Innovation week moderating event for same event he was the Creator of the ‘Baby Bunker’ a kit of parts apparatus combining solar panel, armature and passive solar tracking device for off the grid and disaster relief applications.

Presently he is founder of Sunbunker; an architectural studio discipline offering a broad spectrum of capabilities, utilizing innovative software and design techniques to cultivate client strategies and building systems that are tactile, visceral, pragmatic and engaging.

He has participated on several design juries for City College and Pratt schools of architecture.


BS'c (Hons) Dip ARCH

University of Bedfordshire and University of East London

Registrations:  ARB RIBA UK. & NYS Edu. US

- Curator for Social Innovation  SIWEEK

Member of: NEW INC - 2017