Manifest 1.0

Project Type: Experiential design, fabrication, installation

Location: Founders Lab,  Brooklyn, NY

Status: Complete

Size: 3,500 sf

Year: 2017 

Program: Involved creating several individual spaces that frame the viewers multi sensory journey to an intimate oval shaped space for a live audiovisual performance. Programming included an entrance concierge space, gallery room and on-boarding tunnel.

Digital Fabrication: Speciality fabrication design documents were created by the studio for the purpose of making custom curved structures at the on-boarding tunnel, oval shaped listening room, performance cylinder and fabric ceiling structure.

The on-boarding tunnel involved creating a ramped platform and angled ceiling framed with curved wall profiles. These curved wall components acted as ‘soft’ transitions to highly reflective floor surface reflecting light from a rear projection screen, embedded within the tunnels ceiling.

A journey to the high point on the ramp is illuminated by a James Turrell inspired ceiling and rear projection lit wall. At the ramp’s summit, the tunnel is punctuated by a right angle portal. This opening frames a gentle descent that is terminated by a soft, felt tiled floor de-marking the entrance point to the listening room experience.

Press: WGSN, Huffington Post, Surface