Project Type: Experiential Design, Fabrication, Installation

Location:  The New York Times Center, NY, USA

Status: Complete

Size: 5000 sf

Year: 2018

About: Liberty Media held their AGM at the New York Times Center, showcasing operated and owned interests in a broad range of media, communications and entertainment groups.

Sunbunker, in partnership with Preview Events, designed a series of product vignettes that are housed within modular cubes. These visual backdrops reveal products as objects within a creative process, where the contexts are constructs of our perception.

On the other side of the room are a series of large light boxes with optical lenses. These pieces were facilitated to highlight other, more iconic brand-related moments.

The project encouraged a high level of creativity in ease of assembly, detail and structural/material re-use.

Design Layout: Robert Morris, Maggie Siskind Structural Development: Peter Kaspar. Set Product & Decor: Ellen Rosenberg