Lab of Misfits

Project Type: Environmental Design + Build

Location:  Founders Lab NYC

Size: 2000 sf

Year: 2018

About: Lab of Misfits piloted a new model experiment that took place at Founders Lab NYC, researching the neuroscience of the willingness to hear, understand and tolerate differing opinions. The experiment collected data to be compiled as part of a white paper for science.

Program: Sunbunker collaborated with the Lab of Misfits to create the on-boarding and interview environments, while introducing an adaptive reuse of its custom modular cube system re-configured in a staggered orientation to accommodate a back-of-house tech space for monitoring and recording/prompting each interview.

The on-boarding spaces were designed to be empty stark spaces clad with soft material where several immersive awe experiences (VR and haptic components) took over the senses. The interview room spaces were identical cubes clad with familial soothing wall panels, creating a calm environment where the experiences concluded.