Project Type: Experiential design, fabrication, installation

Location: Robert Miller Gallery, NYC / Cats on Glass Gallery

Status: Complete

Size: 1,000 s.f

Year: 2018

Program:  The structures are designed to momentarily house cats and kittens up for adoption from the Humane society of new York.

The semi-detached house is a single family dwelling built as one of a pair that are connected by a common, shared wall.  The stilt house is a raised structure on piles typically over the ground level or body of water. primarily as a protection against flooding.

The amalgam of a ‘semidetached-stilted’ structure within the confines of the gallery setting allowed the public to circulate underneath while maintaining the Iconic notion of a home. This minimal deconstruct of a semi detached home with all sides and surfaces glass clad to allow optimal visibility. The raised stilted aspect encourages the observers to look up and interact with the feline occupants from an alternative perspective below.

The initiative’s success was reflected in adoptees finding homes, an increase in numbers waiting to adopt, a social media footprint created across multiple platforms and thousand of physical visits to the event and structures during its Chelsea, New York, Gallery Debut.  

Press: abc7 POPSUGAR